The omnichannel partner for brands.

Brands fuel growth with SnackMagic. From trial, sales, distribution, and insights...we are the all-in-one launchpad for today's modern CPG brand.


Four Offerings Through One Unified Experience



Get your product to consumers

Send us your product, and we’ll get it in our customers’ hands, at scale. Once dispersed, you’ll get a custom report on how it performed.



Sell singles online

Retail discovery online. Distribute singles through BYO Boxes to Curated Stashes, Goody Bags, Trays, Snack Drops, and more. It starts with sampling.



Prepare for Volume
Join the #1 Snack Destination

Connect your online store to our marketplace. Acquire new customers and drive bulk orders. Beef up your DTC business.



Get Insights on Your Brand Performance

Scan the market, scope out competitors, and deep dive into your performance. Learn what's working, and what's not.

The Brand Journey

Marketing & Trial

Supercharged Sampling

We get your goodies in consumers' hands. Don't rely solely on forced inserts, complex focus groups, or store demos. Our sampling event calendar makes product distribution thematic, measurable and scaleable

Event-Driven Distribution

  • Whether you want to market a new botanical sku in spring, or distribute goods to college students-- we coordinate specific sku sampling when it's most relevant
  • Target your brand and product during different months to reach difference audiences. Our program is around menu theme and occasion.

Close the Loop with Data

  • Once your samples have been distributed, our first-party Pulse Check report will detail your product performance benchmarking, competitive analysis, ratings and reviews.
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Sales & Distribution

We sell your singles, online

Nowhere else can consumers buy a single of something, online. Our infrastructure to kit singles in one snackstash allows consumers to opt into your brand easily.

  • We’ll distribute your singles across all our distribution channels -- Build Your Own Snackstash, Curated Boxes, Goodie Bags, Trays & Cases, our B2C mobile app Snack Drop
  • If our consumers love your product, we’ll continuously procure.
  • It's like retail discovery -- online. The journey begins with your single SKU sampling event.
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Grow your e-commerce business

Connect your ecommerce store with SnackMagic to get a brand new revenue stream, effortlessly.

  • Link your order system to our ecommerce platform
  • You leave the hard work to us. We acquire the consumer through our sales channel -- now we're passing them on for you to provide more offerings.
  • Orders get seamlessly passed to your store, and you fulfill them directly from your warehouse or 3PL.
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CPG Pulse

Data & Insights

CPGPulse is Market Intelligence 2.0

Amplify your growth or investment strategy with first-party market intelligence on every emerging CPG brand, worldwide.

  • Watch what’s rising and falling among categories, products, brands, flavors, and more.
  • Find out how your peers are really doing, right down to the product comparison level.
  • Investors and Buyers: Use our interactive dashboards to slice and dice our raw data for your sourcing and due diligence efforts
  • Want to test that new strawberry popcorn SKU performance? Conduct a new sampling campaign and get your answers visualized on Pulse.
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